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This is a great review of the CEID, both past and present. Thanks.


Thanks for the thorough overview! A couple of very basic points I'd add to the mix:

While I appreciate the pressure on industrially-zoned land, and the fact that Portland has little and can't make more, it's worth bearing in mind that what counts as "industrial" is really changing, and lots of things permitted in an industrial zone might be perfectly compatible with high-density residential in a 24-hour neighborhood.

We need more housing. Way more. Building it close-in in areas with great transit and services, and building it as high as the market will allow make a lot of sense. We need to work through some of the legitimate conflicts here with longstanding industrial businesses, and we also need to ratchet back how much people with no skin in the game get to demand from projects (yes, including the Landmarks Commission and the Design Commission). It's plenty hard enough to get a building out of the ground. The fact that so little new construction has happened in this area in the last 30 years speaks volumes.

One other thought: we need to think bigger here and more creatively. There is industrial land (well-served by rail etc) further down the river that's currently used at a pretty low intensity for things like parking new cars shipped from Asia. Um, maybe that's not highest-and-best especially as we're on the cusp of a real transformation in transportation. Pictures of acres and acres of Hyundais may look really, really odd 20 years from now.

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