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Keep it!!!
The Coliseum has so much character and charm, unlike the Moda Center. The Moda is a cookie cutter arena with no originality, an arena that you could see in any major city. The Coliseum is the home arena to our Winterhawks, who are celebrating their fortieth season. Home games at the Coliseum are my favorite! Wish ALL home games were played at the VMC. Not only is my view of the ice better than in the Moda, but my experience is better too! At the Coliseum, I can smell the ice, feel the hits, hear the puck being passed, and the players communicating! I feel apart of the game. The Moda feels commercial and corporate, it's hard to get into the action. I love my Hawks and I love our Coliseum!! I hope our city does the right thing, and keeps our historical and beloved building. Updating the VMC to keep it maintained and standing would be ideal. Completely changing the arena or demolishing the Coliseum would be a nightmare. I will chain myself to the building, if the decision leads to wrecking ball. Go Hawks and keep our Coliseum!!!

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