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David Dysert

Going tall. But falling short. The North Pearl, the South Waterfront, Oregon Square... All of these "neighborhoods" will suffer from what one may call the "sterile hue of sameness". Take for example the subject of this article: all the buildings that front the most significant new park/public space in Portland--Fields Park--were designed by one firm (the very firm that was commissioned to create the North Pearl Master Plan for Hoyt Street Properties). In the Lloyd District we will have the equivalent of 8 city blocks all designed by one firm (GDB). A student of history may conclude a benevolent dictator may in fact yield a more beautiful built environment than the random haphazard and (non)collective efforts of individual property owners. While others may prefer the tyranny of private property rights and pro forma spreadsheets. But stand in Fields Park and take a good look around. If you find yourself overwhelmed in the underwhelming architecture you see, don't be too discouraged. Trees grow taller.

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