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Kate Powell

Thank you for this interview. It gives me a bit of hope to hear from this man, who is a contemporary, and has many of the same issues I have with what is going on -- but he is still practicing! Also, understanding who is behind the terrible zoning and approval processes in Portland also is good information.


Excellent interview. He sums up the "Gehry" design theory which really is a Hollywood set making architecture. Also, Sundeleaf's Bearing Service building is an absolute gem. So many of these buildings from the 30's-50's display attention to detail and craft which is a lost art.

David Dysert

Thank you Mr Trip. Indeed this is our challenge. How dow we craft code and process to bring about the values and goals expressed here. How do we craft code and process to act much like that of a literary introduction: at the point of its utmost effectiveness it falls away and defers to the work at hand.

Doug Klotz

I enjoyed working with Bill Tripp when he did some work for the City's Mixed Use Zones committee. Fine sense of humor.

I also love the Bearing Service building. It's worth stepping into the lobby and peeking into the workspace at left. Tall windows on all sides illuminate shiny, oily lathes and boring machines. And the circular canopy is echoed with a circular score line in the sidewalk, which a city crew obligingly reproduced on a corner replacement job. Simple details that add up.

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