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David Dysert

re: James Beard Public Market. It will be interesting to see what kind of design solutions Snohetta can muster for a site that is less than satisfactory. (For the sake of brevity we will leave aside all the dumbfounding symbolic implications of siting a Portland identity institution in a stranglehold of auto traffic a la 1960's interstate invasion.) A Public Market must have a clearly defined entrance accessible by common pathways. Without removing the ramps one must either cross Naito (not a common path for most) or a bridge over the max tracks BEHIND a new office tower. My guess is they will reveal designs based upon ramp removal. Then the monumental task of ramp removal will further delay groundbreaking. I would really love to see the Public reveal but according to the JBPM website they are full and will not allow anyone else to view the plans. Let's hope the market--if it comes to fruition--is able to successfully overcome the present site selection and public process.

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