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I toured the building last night. I agree with everything you said. Great reuse of a beautiful building. Love so many aspects of it. Great new spaces have been created.

Where I was disappointed was in some of the finishes. It looked like the budget ran out in smoe areas. Doors that don't match the historic style but look like something from the 70s. And what was up with the plain, white ugly entrance to the library. I could have been so much more with just the great use of color. I was upstairs, in a hallway lined with beautiful marble. Then around the corner white walls, that were already scuffed up.

All I am saying is that this project is amazing but focus on the finishing details as well.

Fred Leeson

Haven't had a chance to see the inside yet. I hope they will do tours sometime? As a preservation advocate, it's a true thrill to see a landmark in our city restored to a vibrant, active use -- while preserving a sense of place and a sense of history. Congratulations to all involved.

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