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Brian -- Just discovered this site. Thank you for your work. The Richmond Neighborhood Association has just requested a demo delay for 3415 SE Division. (Though the RNA got fliers re the demolition to their members, nothing was sent out by the Development Bureau, by the way.) The house in question IS over 50 years old. It is in the middle of a string of single family residential properties (typical Richmond bungalo constructions), but in a mixed zoning area. The puchaser / developer has indicated he wants to build a three story (plus partially underground new excavation five-car garage) property-to-property-line modern structure. Meanwhile, he has been neglecting the property since purchase several months ago (and has in a request to designate the house as "uninhabitable"). We are starting a search for total demolition alternatives and could use architectural, legal, procedural support, assistance, info or leads. Thank you, Mary

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