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The noise on the Eastbank Esplanade is "almost deafening?" It may not be silent or perfect in any respect, but the Esplanade is actually a pretty pleasant place to be (especially on a nice day.)


On the second floor of the Portland Building in the south meeting room, there is an enormous site model of downtown Portland. There are also several models of architecture proposals for covering I-405. I think they were leftover from an old competition or design studio.

Michael Riscica


Michael - that's probably the model that the American Society of Landscape Architects prepared as part of a study they did on capping I-405 back in 1998. I had no idea the model still existed.


I own a condo overlooking the trench between Burnside and Couch. Just a polite request to cover that block first. My condo value would shoot up, I would sleep better at night, and I could give a sizeable tip to the designing architect.

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