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The execution seems key to the project having achieved the charming quality it possesses. A little information on those that constructed this finely and uniquely detailed assembly would be appreciated.

Jim Heuer

The Chabad Jewish Center is a splendid space and one deserving of your attention. But the Portland Jewish community's support of great architecture goes back well before the current Temple Beth Israel. Its predecessor Temple Beth Israel, which stood at 12th and Madison streets was designed in 1888, by Warren Williams, one of Portland's leading architects -- about 1/3 of the downtown buildings standing by 1890 were his designs. His delightful but sadly threatened Morris Marks House No 1, still surviving on 12th, once looked across the street to the Synagog he designed. That building's Moorish/Byzantine architecture and towering 165' tall spires made it one of Portland's most notable 19th Century buildings until its destruction by an arson-caused fire in 1923, leading to the construction 5 years later of the current landmark edifice.

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