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Doug Kelso

I'm entirely in favor of rebuilding authentic-looking replicas of significant old buildings at their prior locations -- at least if there's nothing there already but a parking lot. I don't see it as fakery; I see it as correcting a grievous mistake.

I think Old Town would benefit greatly reconstructing some of the lost buildings (and personally, I'm fine with cast iron facades on steel frames if that makes the project pencil out) as long as they are clearly marked with the date of reconstruction and include a plaque explaining the history of the original building.

The rest of Old Town should be developed with fairly neutral buildings designed to a style of the period (say, 1890-1930), blending in without standing out -- serving as a backdrop for the preserved buildings and significant replicas.

Ian William Shaw

I have spent quite a bit of time in Germany and Austria and have quite a few close friends that grew up in these countries. I have asked all of them about jaywalking as I hated waiting for cross walks late at night and so on. Most of them simply stated that they don't jay walk as they do not want young children to see them doing it and then repeating that action and getting hit by a car.

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