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Highway industrial complex - great term, thx!

Kevin Matthews - ArchitectureWeek

Great posting, Brian, thanks for saying all this!

In addition to all the issues you've discussed, I find the climate change aspect of the Columbia River Crossing to be decisive.

It has been shown again and again that adding additional highway lane miles fails to reduce congestion, and in fact typically worsens it.

This effect happens because additional highway lane miles induce more traffic over time than they add traffic capacity.

Inducing traffic is another way of saying increasing vehicle miles traveled (VMT). And if we are going to meet necessary GHG emissions reductions targets, in Portland, in Oregon, and elsewhere, we need to be reducing VMT by something like 5% per year, every year for the next few decades.

Bloating the highway to sprawl in Washington state is dead wrong in terms of Oregon's adopted climate mitigation targets.

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