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Daniel Ronan

Can you please tell me how this fits in with the character of the Goose Hollow neighborhood? It's massing might suggest an apartment building, but only two units are incorporated in this entire structure. How is this at all sustainable? To me it seems like adapting a suburban lifestyle - building materials and all - to the urban setting. I'm interested to hear your thoughts.

Fred Leeson

Maybe I'm not the right person to answer, but I'd say roof forms, massing, siding materials, double-hung windows and window framing.

Lucas Gray

That design is hideous and a terrible addition to the Portland urban fabric. I hate how developers are afraid to build contemporary architecture. Try something new and exciting. Hire a progressive architecture team. Good design doesn't have to cost more.


Lucas, I'm wondering if you are being sarcastic, or missed the article.
Since this building is within a Historic District, it must go through design review that effectively eliminates contemporary architecture.

Part of the irony of the Historic District is that it intends for existing buildings to reflect their period, and in doing so, it prevents new buildings from reflecting their period.

PS - not sure why I'm called 'Facebook'. I logged in through it, and my name is Greg Moulliet

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