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Doug Kelso

According to the DJC story, the planned hotel on the Cosmopolitan site would be 312 rooms. There are already 173 rooms at the Red Lion Convention Center site across the street. Between them, that's 485 rooms right next to the Convention Center.

It seems to me that Metro could try to broker a deal for one hotel to run both buildings. Maybe even connect them with a skybridge or a passage beneath the street to more easily combine their facilities (banquet halls, restaurant, swimming pool, gym). A bit of remodeling could add 15 or more rooms to meet the 500 room target.

Fred Leeson

Both the first and second versions of the Oregon Convention Center were intended to be generators of renewal in the neighborhood. It simply never happened, as one can tell by glancing at the under-utilized commercial sites on adjacent streets. The hotel is just another indication of failure. In an earlier run at the hotel long before the crash, one developer proposed starting at 300 rooms with room for expansion later if needed. That seems like a reasonable approach to me, although I know nothing about development or the hotel/convention business. I think TriMet's elimination of the free rail zone will be another dagger for the neighborhood, unless conventioneers are given free transit passes.

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