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Tim Davis

That was an absolutely AMAZING and inspiring article, Brian! Congrats to James Cutler, SERA, and all of Cutler's incredible influences in finally making this project a beautiful success and proving McCain wrong! :)

Fred Leeson

Really informative post. I learned a lot. I like the "reed" approach to the facade screen. One concern I have is the tilting platform that holds the rooftop electricity-generating panels. Seems to me a strong east wind is going to put a lot of pressure on the underside. I trust it has been "engineered" for that kind of force...but I hope they got it right! If not, we're talking life-threatening disaster....

Eye Eyeball

Hey Culter, are you really making a big change here? Given the 125 million dollar budget- A man of your training and statue would create more than a whip cream dessert for systematic problems facing OUR judicial system. True sustainability is to rehabilitate the buildings for what it was. 1974 SOM building. Minimal money could have been put into keeping the historic building. If the architects believe in change, the fundamental change is on social /conscious level. Amazing how kids from the Sixties abandon the revolution once the money and faux accolades get awarded. Green- Sustainability dogma used as a tool to prevent a deeper dialogue. Next up for Culter? Perhaps a new screen design for Camp Gitmo...

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