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Great read Brian. I am fondly reminded of some long bike rides I have taken over the years with some fellow Architects; if you want to take in the landscape at a human scale and "get lost" there are few better ways than just heading out on your bike!

Bradley Maule

Nice piece, Brian. I've had similar thoughts each of the past two Christmases, each of which I've spent traveling to Eugene. Last year, I came home via the Yamhill during a storm that turned into one of those dramatic sunny afternoons. This year, I went south via Silver Falls, and when I finally made it out to I-5 at South Jefferson, I saw the snowcaps of Hood, Jefferson and the Sisters at once in the same wide vista. All of which is to say I most definitely include the Willamette Valley amongst Oregon's greatest natural assets.

Jacob Spence

Hi Brian, can I ask where you'll be teaching this course? I'm a student at the UO in Portland and would love to attend a few of your lectures if possible.


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