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This makes me happy!
Give it another 20 years and the Pearl will stretch to Gasco!

Fred Leeson

Creative re-use is one of the major keys to preservation. Buildings like this, while not "landmarks" in the formal sense, are indeed landmarks that speak to time and place. Reusing them rather than demolishing and rebuilding saves energy and preserves a sense of history and a sense of place. This is so good to see!


What a great re-use of a historic building! The June 5, 1910 Oregonian notes that the building was originally constructed for the Pacific Hardware & Steel Co. It also says that this was to be one of the largest warehouses in the city at that time. The firm of Bennes & Hendricks were the architects. John V. Bennes is known for numerous Portland buildings, along with several buildings on the OSU campus in Corvallis.

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