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Tanya March

Please forgive me as I love to quibble on blogs-over all I concur that these central acres need to be utilized. I've tried to teach my kids to ride bikes on the open lots but we got kicked out. I was hoping for a "Mt. Scott" community center type Portland Parks and Rec. building on one half block of the site but the economy tanked. I went to years of meetings on the Slabtown Plan and hoped for a public pool in NW; the odds of a public pool in NW now are about the same as my getting a MAC club membership. Oh well now I guess I need to just worry about where the grade school kids will be educated that end up in this community-the local school is already over enrolled. I'm all for the campfire, quibbles aside this development has great promise.

Brian Libby

That's a great point, Tanya - so much so that I added an extra paragraph at the end of the post. You're right - it would have been great to really make this development an essential part of the city by having essential things there, like schools and community centers.

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