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Doug Kelso

415 SW 11th.

And I agree: I hope this leads to permanent exhibition space. I greatly appreciated their visual arts program back in the day.

Patrick Leonard

Hi Brian, I'm glad to hear you're as excited about our move as we are. We too love the mid-century appeal of the facade, which is currently being restored to its original colors, and getting a bit cleaned-up.

True to our working history, we view the building as a short-term (five-year) opportunity to activate a space and a neighborhood with art and programs, before moving to a new site. The ArtPlace grant we received, which partially funds this move, is focused on PICA's "hub-and-spoke" model, which necessitates being on-the-move and on-the-lookout for new opportunities. We remain committed to our current programming model, where we find alternative spaces throughout the city to fit various exhibitions and performances.

The goal of this new space is first and foremost to provide a working office for the staff, as well as a gathering place for our community of artists and audiences to return for dialogue and engagement around the work we present. In our early discussions around this topic, we've imagined small dinners, workshops, screenings, and lectures, among other types of activity.

Since 2006, we've presented over 125 visual artists in the TBA Festival alone, not including various programs such as the figurative painting show that Kristan curated this past January. Visual art is a core part of our program, equal to our presentation of contemporary performance, and we'll continue to support the work of these artists whether we present them in "traditional" galleries, on screens, on theater stages, or at the TBA Festival (where exhibits run for two months of open hours, talks, workshops, salons, and participatory projects).

And speaking of campaigns, you can donate to PICA as part of our year-end appeal, to help us accomplish this move and launch an exciting 2012: http://bit.ly/sOB1RE

Fred Leeson

It's good to see that building find a suitable use. It is located in an interesting part of downtown, and PICA will no doubt add to it.

Kyle Andersen

Great news. The building has a nice quirky modern feel that will fit nicely with the avant garde exhibitions by PICA.

Dan Packard

Standing across the street waiting for the Streetcar and staring at this building, I first thought what an eyesore of neglect. But, with a little tender loving care, I can see the beautiful potential of restoring this building.

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