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It is interesting to see what real estate students are dreaming up. I kept looking for a mention of the design team that came up with the designs for these proposals but did not see anything. Did the students do the design work and illustrations themselves?
While it is hard to completely understand the concept from a 3D aerial, the design/concept seems to lack vision. This looks like a suburban business park proposal and not an urban infill idea.
Why not engage the architecture school at PSU in this project? (Maybe they did, don't know). I find, as architects, we are kept out of the financial design for developments. Too often the developer keeps their pro-forma to themselves and does not give the architect the insight of the financial end of things. Usually, we are told that the project is over budget, without knowing what the real cost model is. I think that it would be beneficial to the developer to include the architect in the financial end of the process.

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