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As usual, this is getting ridiculous. Why allow development if the city puts up such a fight?
I am all for historic preservation and contextual design, but there is a point where there are just too many people giving input and wasting time and money.
About the design...why just a contrived approach? Why can't we have some creative, forward looking ideas even in a historic district?
As for the "canyon of shadows", that is what most of the apartment buildings in the area have to come to terms with. I feel for the historic apartments that are adjacent, but if the zoning allows for development, then unfortunately there are concessions.
The other option is for the city (or developer)to buy the historic site and keep it as it is, which I assume will not pencil or someone would have done this.
While I don't particularly like the design, I do appreciate the front entry and the scale of the building seems right.
Stop wasting time and money and either build it or don't build it! This is why it is so hard to get anything of worth built in this town!

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