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FYI, the images are referring to "SW" Sixth and Couch...obviously in need of correction.

Are you satisfied with the flat facades, though?

Bob Richardson

"Two early 20th-Century apartment buildings that stand in the way are in the final stages of demolition."

What is the net difference in available units? If the new construction is to have 70 units (plus retail), how many were lost with the destruction of the other two apartment buildings?

(If we're going to demolish old buildings, we should at least be advancing density goals.)

Khris Soden

I think the two buildings had a combined number of about 16 units, but it should be noted that they were only on the two lots that faced Couch - they didn't take up the whole footprint. I'll miss those buildings; I had a friend that lived in one of the apartments - a beautiful, big two bedroom - for nearly fifteen years.

Dennis L

Shame the two houses had to be torn down for this because it would be nice to save a few of these old homes to reflect what the neighborhood has changed from, but I will say overall I am very happy with what I am seeing with this project and it seems to fall in line with what I was hoping to see happen to that portion of the city. Ever since the Doug Fir and Bside6, I have hoped to see that area of the city become its own little urban downtown that reflected the small architecture talent we have in this city, almost giving it its own unique and creative skyline that Portland deserves that isn't reflected in the city's traditional downtown skyline.

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