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This is a brilliant activistic strategy employed by Sierra Club and others to exploit the proximity of the largest social media company and its massively consumptive servers to this particular plant and form of generation.

While a little abstract (the entire system still relies on a not-so-smart-grid, and all the inefficiencies and plethora of sources that feed it), it's a great platform for spotlighting the bigger issue, which is the myth of the ether being communication without consequence. Paperless communication, for example, may not be the most efficient if the paper would be recycled, and the data-intensive communication relies on connections via servers across the continent or the planet and back.

Servers currently inhale 1.5% of our total energy production, growing at rates of 10-20% per year. We need to become as conscious of this form of consumption and it's environmental impact as we've become of transportation and building efficiencies, etceteras.

Jeff Joslin

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