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Wes Shoger

I hate to be such a skeptic about residential solar units, but the return on investment is not great and especially the energy generated is still too low.

I also am miffed at its applications. Are we to chop down Ladds Addition's arching elm trees so we can generate power for our home's solar units (to run the air conditioner during the summer months because there is no longer a tree to shade the house in the first place!)?

While I posited a fairly drastic measure of cutting down trees for more solar access -- I feel policy wise we'd be stepping into shades of this by prohibiting logical, cost-effective and simple solutions (such as planting a shade tree) to make way for a kinda-sorta-not-really environmentally friendly technology such as solar panels on the roofs of homes.

Now, solar panels on the roofs of skyscrapers...I really don't have a problem with that (other than they still don't generate enough energy yet).

Anecdotally, I saw on a page of Green Builder magazine where a sprawling residential "green" home added solar panels on the slope of its property to generate energy...except it hacked down a bunch of Chaparral plants to be installed. Go green!...Right?

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