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Daniel Ronan

I happen to think that the buildings that have been built by TVA have been entirely out of context with their surroundings.

With Fox Tower, a building which, after 4pm during the summer, blankets Pioneer Courthouse Square entirely in shade, is not sensitive to respecting public space. In addition, I think it's lobby is impersonal and removed from the street scape.

Nike Campus - not too much to say here, mainly its a bunch of buildings built in isolation, its easier to design what you want when there isn't much to build off of - I personally don't care too much for the campus.

Lastly, perhaps the holy grail of insensitive design is the imposing new stadium at the UO, my university. The building is completely oblivious to the current built environment of the rest of the campus - perfect starchitecture, reinforcing the concept of exceptionalism in our state higher education system.

While I appreciate the commentary on this blog, I find the elephant in the room is too often missed with your love of buildings and not enough attention paid to the context in which these buildings take their shape.

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