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Fitzgerald Architect

Very detailed and well written.


I think that the design of the Knight Arena is very Nike and very TVA. It is a beautiful example of the kind of work that Bod Thompson and his team produce. Like ZGF's contributions to campus, the Knight arena is a glorious tribute to sport.
I do wish that the same detail and care (and funding) could be applied to the schools academic buildings as well. I know that sports are an important part of the school and should be, but it seems to overshadow the importance of academics, especially with these new sports focus monuments.
Brian, I understand your desire on the curtain wall. They cost of doing what you are imagining would double or triple the cost of the curtain wall, especially of one of this size. The Euro stile structural glass walls are super pricey and keep in mind that those columns and cross members are supporting the wind load on the skin. Building a cantilever column structure with long span roof members adds to the cost as well. We fight our battles.


I like the idea of the floor, but I think I would like a lighter, lower contrast pattern. The green Oregon logo in a sea of brown reminds me of faux antique leather sponge painting.

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