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I wanted to thank you for such in depth reviews of the Portland schools. Matthew Ginn certainly makes them all look good.
It would be a shame to destroy Marshall. I think that the building has some interesting features that are worth preserving and if we hang on to it for another five years then it will be eligible for the historic register.
I don't know that I agree that Franklin is the best example and Marshall is the worst because they both have good and bad elements.


When you say Marshall “will face budget-necessitating end to its existence,” I think it is important to point out that the reason PPS gave for the “high school redesign” process was to make curriculum offering more equitable between schools. The superintendent now willingly concedes that closing schools saves very little money since these building must be heated and maintained and you still have to educate the children, just in a more distant location to which more children must be bused. Although, the State of Oregon subsidizes bus travel so that helps defer the additional transportation costs.

Closing a school is like ripping a hole in the fabric of a neighborhood, and like the effect of species extinction on an ecosystem, a closure can have broad and unexpected results. Some of the closure costs that are not accounted for are the moneys lost due to people leaving the district or choosing private schools due to the “game of musical chairs” and the doomsday rhetoric that often accompanies school closure decisions.

It has been a while since I have heard PPS mention curriculum equity in relation to the redesign, so they may be backing away from this noble goal due to hard times and needing to appear to be addressing the budget issue.

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