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Jeff Ghitelman


Nice article with interesting SOM tie-in. Unfortunately, Viracon, the glass fabricator for the tower will not be making the the glass for the base. It is coming from China.

The base you pictured will be composed of Halophane-like prismatic glass set against an aluminum wall.

"Chinese glass will go into the lower levels, however. Viracon was not a contender for the bottom 20 floors, which requires a strength-enhanced, blast-resistant type of glass, said Rick Voelker, Viracon’s vice president of technical services.

“That’s not your typical window glass for a commercial building,” Voelker said. “That’s not really Viracon’s core competency. Our core competency is providing the energy efficient insulated glass that’s going into the remainder of the building.”

The Port Authority awarded a contract for the first 20 floors to a Canadian company called DCM Erectors.

According to a March article in U.S. Glass News, Port Authority Spokesman Steve Coleman said DCM then subcontracted with an American firm, Zetian, to acquire the glass from a Chinese manufacturer."

More details here: http://www.owatonna.com/news.php?viewStory=105968

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