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Chester Pane

This looks very nice. The Art Institutions in Portland are finally coming of age. Great article Brian.

-Chester Pane


Nice work , but it would be nice if they would retain some of the hundreds of out of work local Architects for the future Library and Student Center. Dear OCAC , how about a Design Competition

black crow

I think you might be a little out of your league on this one.

Brian Libby

Whom might be out of what league, black crow? Are you saying I as the writer was not up to the task of evaluating the architecture here? Because that's a pretty forceful argument, especially from an anonymous commenter without any additional examples or articulated points to back it up. Is there something I should have said but didn't? An aspect of the analysis at which I was incorrect? Is there a name you'd identify yourself as so we know whom to turn to in the future when architecture writing does not meet specifications?

Brian Libby


As of today, I have changed the rules for commenting on Portland Architecture. No more anonymity. You have to sign in with Facebook, Twitter or Typepad to leave a comment. We welcome conversation and contributions from people interested in having a substantive, constructive dialogue. Contrarian viewpoints are welcome, but insults without self-identification are no longer allowed.


Amazing architecture. Do you have any other good sources for me to look at in regards to architecture. I am a freshmen at UCLA getting into the architect program and would appreciate anything. I love what you have on this blog. Any good architects you know would also be helpful. I have been getting into a lot of I.M. Pei, which I love a lot. I stumbled across a pretty interesting list of all his work, which is very inspiration, if you care to take a look. i. m. pei buildings I would appreciate any help, thanks a lot! and keep bringing the architecture information.

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