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Bob Richardson

Setting aside the important civil rights conversation, the first thing that comes to mind is:

"Well, that's one way to define 'Mixed Use.'"

And on a lighter note (if there is one that can be applied to this situation), all the dim bulbs who can think of no better criticism for high-density developments than to liken them to "prisons" and "bunkers" will now have a genuine opportunity to compare and contrast for themselves.

Will any local anti-density crusaders like to spend a week in the John Ross and then another in the immigration detention center and report back on the relative livability of each? Photos and videos, please! I'm most interested in comparing the "closing" paperwork process between immigration detention intake and your average title company.

Sascha Bates

I've been trolling that area for over a year now, thinking about buying somewhere in DT Portland. That sort of facility near where I live is an immediate turnoff however and makes me think twice about looking in Pearl or maybe Sellwood.

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