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descent, not dissent?

Minor grammar change, but a big change in meaning.

[Brian says: Thanks for catching that. I've made the correction.]

Phil Hollenback

Note that this sign was a bit racier a few years ago when I took a picture:


Jeff G.

When I saw the sign this weekend, I was quite disappointed. It looked "flat" - like set dressing for a film. Maybe because it is so new and clean.

It cries out for NEON lettering; but as I saw in Phil's photo, neon was not used originally.

Still, I'm glad to see the return of an iconic symbol of Chinatown.


Funny this article popped up today because I was just thinking earlier today if they had re-installed the sign yet...and now I have an answer.


Where has the sign been living in the meantime... I had heard it was given to someone as a homecoming gift.

Sam Butler

An article I read, in The Oregonian, stated that it was at at Southeast Portland's Security Signs company.

One wonders what other potential relics of Portland's past they have in the back yard rusting away.

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