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Scott Tice

Damn shame!


Curious about the Congress being a Herman Brookman design. He would have only been 21 at the time and to my knowledge was still in NY. Where did you find this connection?

Bob Hicks

Nice piece, Brian. I moved to town in '74 and worked just up the street from the Congress, at the old Oregon Journal, which by then had moved into the present Oregonian building. The Congress was on its last legs and surely the commotion of building the transit mall hastened its departure, but I seem to remember that she was already a faded dowager. The stories the old-time reporters and copy editors would tell about it, though! You'd think half the illegitimate kids in Puddletown started with a gleam in someone's eye in the Congress bar. The Congress Center is a pretty dull substitute.


Very interesting!
The street level is absolutely horrid on this thing. But then, at the time, not a lot of emphasis was placed on such things. How many times must we relearn the past?

Michael M.

I think this kind of thing is what my late mother's 1980s-90s refrain, "They're just ruining Portland!", referred to.

She didn't venture downtown for the last 10 years of her life, despite living 15 miles west, because it was ruined.

Looking at these pictures, I can empathize with her position.

Anton Vetterlein

I have long considered the current building on the site to be one of the ugliest buildings in town. The recycled arches are the only nice thing about the project.

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