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I am completely okay with this, it actually sounds like a win-win for everyone.


Awesome! SO glad to hear this good news! =)

Scott Tice

Excellent news. I've been eyeing that building for a long time, wondering when it would get renovated.


Totally good news all-around :-) I've been waiting for someone to show this building some love since I first moved to Portland...nice to see the ball rolling.

Ms. Sherman

I live right near by this site. I was hoping the Flanders Street Pedestrian bridge would help this site. Glad something is happening now even without the linkage.



Matt Oftedahl

Having worked in this M&F warehouse when it was owned by the Oregon Historical Society, I know it is a great building. NOW that I am working for the Port of Vancouver, where we handle a great many of VESTAS windmills? It is a Win-win: Great company - Great building - GREAT NEWS!


great news!
FYI the building has one cool elevator , built for the M/F trucks , it is huge and smooth as butter. I hope they keep it.


This truly is great news! That's a wonderful building and it's sat vacant for too long. It's sad to see it crumbling. I'll be glad to see it come to life. I hope they keep as much of the character of the original building as possible.

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