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Bob R.

Grant High School was a primary location for the film "Mr. Holland's Opus".



That's so sad about Jefferson (just looked up some old pictures of how it originally looked-wow, it was actually quite beautiful). I always just assumed it had been built in the 50's or 60's (hence the tacky facade)...but it's almost worse knowing that it was ruined during a remodel...another victim of 50's-era "moderization" :-(

Doug Klotz

It's also a shame that most of Portland Public School's buildings have been ruined (including Grant and Jefferson) by removing the original tall wooden double-hung windows, dropping the ceilings, and blanking out the upper half of the openings for small aluminum-frame windows, with tiny, token, openable sections. This gives every building except Benson, I think, the heavy-lidded eyes-half-closed look you see in these pictures. PPS is not a good steward of architecture. I suppose you could argue that the fluorescent-lit dropped ceilings are more efficient than all the light that used to be provided by the tall windows, but wouldn't well-sealed openable tall windows ultimately have been a better choice?

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