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It's glad that you are bringing attention to these wondering buildings. However, attention needs to be shined on the lack of maintenance of these buildings. My folks live near Wilson High School so I am up in the area a lot. It's appalling to drive by that high school and see what condition it's in. Seems to me that a bond measure needs to be passed or some stimulus money secured to renovate Portland's schools to bring them up modern standards and make sure they last another century.

Ms. Sherman

As usual I love your post. I'm sharing a link to PPS historic images to add a touch of history.



no trip to washington-monroe?


@dave - I agree. As the school board decides the future of the high school system, we may learn of more closures, butchering or just continued neglect. I was at Benson during the tech show this year, and it was pretty appalling the condition the school was in. I am all for a bond to be proposed, but I sure hope the district figures out how to be fiscally responsible.

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