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Mettje Swift

Consider the beauty of artistic banners in all of these spaces. Translucent nylon fabric banners would make this space sensational. Banners have a job to do, and that is to represent community, groups of people and higher aspirations. The decorative art of fabric applique banners is a really good way to pull people together.

Mettje Swift

[Editorial note: This comment seems to combine aspects of legitimate individual voice and (because it had a commercial URL associated with the product mentioned) advertising spam. So I've removed the URL and email address associated with the comment but kept the text.]


Thanks for your kind words, Brian. Your the best bench warmer our town's architectural community could ask for!


pucker up and smooch.

Brian Libby

Clark, if you don't mind, I'm going to accept R's compliment. Thanks R! It helps balance out the times when one has to take a lot of flack, like this for example:



Ok - Brian that was a pretty fun read. I had to look up EADIAF. That is nasty!

Piss off. spoken like a true soccer fan!! Go Timbers - Go World Cup..!

Brian Libby

Well, I'm glad somebody enjoyed it. I was replaying the "Ezekiel 25:17" scene from Pulp Fiction in my mind there for awhile.


G(h)astly typo

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