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Steven Chavez

These buildings are beautifully designed and are excellent examples of Portland's architectural inheritance. Beautiful photographs as well.

Michael C. Beeman

Hi Matthew -
Beautiful historic school pictures -
The photography is excellent, and done with expertise and great care !!!!!!

Fred Leeson

Brian -- Do you know who designed Wilson? Just wondered if it was someone local.

S. Linder

I hope Mr. Ginn also documents Portland’s large and growing collection of portable trailer classrooms. There are many antique trailers from Portland’s last baby boom and a bunch of brand new trailers necessitated by our mini baby boom and the destruction of historic bricks and mortar elementary schools by “Hurricane Vicki” aka Superintendent Vicki Phillips. It would make a nice historical counter-point to the good planning the city and PPS has demonstrated in the past.

Matthew Ginn

Wilson was designed by Edmundson and Kochendoerfer. I gather that they were a Portland firm who did a fair bit of work on schools around the Northwest, but don't know much more about them.

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