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Fred Leeson

The Coliseum MUST be preserved largely intact as an event arena. Its dismal condition today is the result of a lack of imagination in finding active arena uses. For example: 1) Why is PSU thinking of expanding the Stott Center when there is an excellent arena available on a free, short MAX ride? (And when Stott has NO parking?) 2) Why isn't the PIL doing triple-headers on Friday nights? 3) Why aren't the perpetually sold-out Blazers doing multi-screen live videos with cheap beer and Blazer dancers on game nights at MC? 4) What do the WinterHawks REALLY need in that building? Let's get it done.

I can see making some minor changes to the bowl...as opening up a wider entrance at the front and maybe adding beer-gardens/food retailers to replace the highest seats on the ends. There should be easy ways..if only chains...to close off the upper bowl when those seats aren't needed. I don't think the Blazers ever had a real motive to make MC a success next door to their Rose Garden, so I really question J. Isacc's sincerity as he's quoted in Brian's post.

In any event, this building should be saved substantially in its current condition and some creative people hired to attract good events. I think it's completely possible.

eric cantona

"Gragg then asked Adams about the now-controversial recent decision to dive into generating three finalists for the Coliseum commission only to set aside two of the finalists. The Mayor indicated that this, too, was all part of the plan.

"Absolutely," he said. "It was important that we only get it to the point of being half baked because we needed the ideas of the district to inform the ideas about the coliseum and do diligence on what was really realistic for the future of this building.""

Interesting, his use of the term "half-baked" here. Freudian slip? I find this bothersome on several levels, the primary one being that one of the two finalists (Action Sports) that were not selected to submit an RFP were essentially eliminated because, as Mayor Adams stated at the time, "this is NOT about the Rose Quarter, just the coliseum. The Rose Quarter development will happen in a forthcoming RFP". And yet, we come to a point now that NONE of the finalists have viable (according to the Mayor) plans for the coliseum, so let's just hear what the Blazers want to do.

Brian wrote: "I'm not saying Mayor Adams is wrong or that he's lying." I'll go out on a limb and say he lies with alarming regularity relating to this whole debacle. There may also be a few other instances where he’s not been completely forthcoming…


I was amazed at how confusing
it was to understand Sam's position.
He would make a point and then qualify
it at the end of a sentence with a single
word. Amazing. Pretty weak leadership.
I actually felt sorry for him. Imagine the
emotional stress being Sam...half-baked indeed.


So it sounds like Adams' is now saying the effort to involve the public in introducing and selecting proposals for the MC was an exercise in masterbation. That may, perhaps, be difficult to believe. However, financing plans were never a requirement for submitting MC proposals. So, in actuality, all of the proposals, including those that "won" were half-baked. Perhaps all of this was designed merely to get the Blazers constructively involved in the process. I, for one, have no idea.


After looking at the Blazers concept of re development of the area called "jump Town" I can't help to compare it to the hoped pinned on the redevelopment of the Lloyd's Center Mall. And we know how that turned out.....run down, full of pseudo shoppers,aniceptic, generic and homogineous store fronts, gangster mentality among the youth who "shop" there, and a history of violent activity........I can only foresee this happening to the Rose Quarter if the Blazers were allowed to follow through with their concept. I think the Arena should be redeveloped to inspire real athletic expression and not what I will predict happening is a place where a sedentary lifestyle will be enabled. Video arcades, bad food courts, and the like. We need to enable people to be active, not sell athletic wear to make people look athletic while they are downing a footlong, a 32oz coke, and sitting down at a video arcade playing NFL video games....

The MARC concept is elegant, serious, user (USER) friendly facilitating real time activities not virtual, sedentary activities... The Rose Quarter needs a place that is a active place.....if you want to sit down and vicariously enjoy something you can by a ticket to a sporting event...that should inspire you to improve yourself physically...not want to buy a jersey, a corresponding video game, or a 32oz, unrecyclable cup with our favorite sports figure embellished on it......

Let's remember what hopes were placed on the redevelopment of Lloyd's Center and look at it now.....
The MARC is a concept that will reap benefits for individuals growth not a revenue maker that results in the enabling of a already sedentary youth....

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