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The level of work here is very high. It is always refreshing to see students work and this reminds me that I need to go to more of these.
I wish the job market was better for these creative young designers. I wish them luck.


It is a shame that a creative talent like Marc Holt has not been able to find work here (his preference). He has attracted some offers from out of state and will leave for one of those opportunities. With fewer job opportunities we are taking a back seat when it comes to attracting and keeping talent.


Congrats to the students. This is great work.
Also, the quote by the profs is a great explanation of experiential harmony. I just wish the more recent condo projects by Holst captivated the essence of this statement more. Much of Holst’s architecture seems much more in tune with the cognitive/reflective realm of the designer and critic rather than the visceral experiential realm of the public. If by ‘kinesthetic experience’ they mean the feeling I get that I’ve just been poked in the eye by the corner of a cube, then they are accomplishing their goals.


Looks stunning!


Looks great!

Ashley Madison

Wow. these buildings are amazing. Wish i could come up with some of these ideas. aspiring architect.

[name removed - spam]

Cool Work, Are these students that did this? I always loved great architechture. Perfect harmony.


Keep up the great work, amazing stuff!

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