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Bob Hastings

Hey Brian: a very nice shout out for one of the best and nicest people I've ever known. All the 'Children of the Kahn' folks you mentioned are terrifc folks as well as top notch designers and architects. It's been wonderful to see how engaged they've all been with their communities through the years. Sometimes in spite of difficult economic, personal, and 'stylistic' challenges. We all were beneficiaries of great teachers, but also a sensibility to translate modernism into our Pacific Northwest environment. Perhaps that's what what imbued Kahn's spirit into this group. Thanks, Bob Hastings

Rick Potestio

HI Brian,

Liz Williams is a truly great architect, and I am extremely happy that you have given her your attention. Right on. And I appreciate that you recognize that we all share a great indebtedness to our mentor, teacher and friend, Thom Hacker.


Raye Miles

I'm sorry this post isn't more timely, but I just stumbled upon the article and feel compelled to pile praise on Liz Williams.

Working with Liz was an incredible experience. Her creativity and mastery are evident when you see her work. But if you are fortunate enough to work with her, you see she is also gifted with immense patience, wisdom and humor.

Almost three years later, it is still a thrill to walk into our building. It is stylish and functional (and was done on a limited budget). Thanks again, Liz.

Raye Miles, President
Broadway Cab

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