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Jeff Jansen

Great stuff, Brian! I had no idea there was an A. Q. Jones house in this area. I'm a big fan. Of course his influence, through Eichler, is felt in all the Rummer Homes in the Portland area.

Jeff Jansen

Scott Tice

Cool, I know John... I didn't know he lived in this house though.

paul kaplan

Thanks for sharing... We have some of his work in Palm Springs, but didn't know he designed anything in the Portland area.


What year was this house built? And did you have any information on how the home performs energy-wise? IE-nice t&g roof, but does that mean it is structural and there is no insulation above? Has there been any modifications to address thermal comfort?

It is painful to see Rummers with external HVAC crawling all over the roof...not to mention how inefficient that is.

It is a beautiful home. Are there any obvious lessons to be learned in terms of thermal efficiency and comfort?

Just wondering....


It must be very comfortable and enjoyful to live in such a house.

It's a dream for me.


I think it was built in 1958.

Brian Libby

Sorry, yes - it began construction in 1958 and was completed in '59.

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