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Scott Tice

Awesome! I'm glad jeff was available to address the Council.


That's what I like about Portland architecture - the begats.
McKim, Mead & White (NYC) begat Whidden and Lewis who begat A.E. Doyle who begat Pietro Belluschi who begat SOM (in Portland.
I'm sure there are many more such relationships, but not at my fingertips at the moment.

Jeff Belluschi

Correct Val; pretty amazing the lineage of acclaimed architects and firms making Portland significant. It continues to this day. Having only 3mins with politicians I didn't include the MM&W and W&L root so I'm pleased you did. Our park designs are on the same amazing level from a national historic standard.


I have seen a similar disrespect of public commenters by the city. It is the same as if I let a customer or vendor of mine sit in our lobby for 3 hours passed an appointment time I set. It is not an example of the “enlightened political process” to which NW Magazine once referred.

How can the city be so confident of the success of these plans with such barriers to getting “customer feedback” and expert opinions on the ideas?

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