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according to NRHP, it's actually the Brainard house, not Brainerd house.

Brian Libby

Thanks - my silly mistake.


No problem. Fantastic entry- I've written about the houses and buildings including the Kamm house and Poulsen house, but not this one.

Ms. Sherman

I love historic wallpaper, but I'm afraid of mold, Portland's climate is a bit wet. Is that really old paper or just an new paper that looks old paper in that hallway? I only trust paper to be "old" in the closets of homes of this age.

more on historic wall paper:

All my friend's fell in love with this place once it was in the Times. I'm afraid all I see it as a white elephant with too much cleaning. It took me 30 minutes just to wipe down the windows in my flat this morning.

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