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Wow, great!

I like the water fall very much.


Some folks may not know Brian is referring to the "high dynamic range imaging" technique when he says "HD photography."

Using the initials HDR helps avoid confusion.


Chris Hornbecker's website is definitely worth a visit. Can't wait to see Sally's photos of TBA. This will be interesting.

Jeff G.

I love the mood captured in "Ominous". Looking forward to the show - Thanks Brian!

Brian Libby

Mr. Linder, I sincerely appreciate how gently you made that HDR correction. Tip of the hat!

Christian C

Sounds like a great show. Is the opening party invite only? There is no info about the show on the AIA Portland web Calender. If it's not, what time does it start?

Brian Libby


The opening party is completely open to the public. It runs today from 5:30 until 8:30PM. The show will also be exhibited throughout March. Hours are 9AM-5PM, Monday-Friday.

Sorry for any confusion.

Christian C

Thanks Brian,

Looks like it is on the AIA Portland site now! I'll try and make it down there tonight! Thanks for the response!

Tanya March


Thanks for getting the word out. I went with two eight year olds yesterday. FYI it is Shawn's son Sam not Max in the image shoot by their dad. Both kids enjoyed the exhibit their favorite shot was of the Memorial Coliseum. One is a Blazers fan the other is trained to like old buildings.

AIA did a great exhibit last month as well with Don Nelson's historic building reuse images-they are on a roll.

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