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It would be interesting to question him on developments he's passed up on, as well. I sat in the Boise NA audience in 2005 when he shyly presented his vision for transforming the former Richard's Homeware building into a Belmont/Clinton-esque development. Instead, I believe he sold the building to Trammel Crowe, opting out of the Mississippi neighborhood. And we are now left with a building of debatable aesthetics, out of scale with the street. Was he too turned off by a few rabid neighbors? Was it just an easy flip?


Yeah, I second flowb33. That was a real loss for Mississippi when Randy sold to Trammel Crowe -- the building they constructed, shamefully designed by Sera, is a real blight. "Debatable aesthetics" is too kind. Imagine what a Rapaport/Holst or Rapaport/Works combination could have produced for the neighborhood.

randy rapaport

I was planning a joint venture with
SHoP Architecture from NYC, but after a costly
due diligence and several trips to the city, the whale turned out to be a shark. That site was the heart of Missisippi 90 years ago, before I-5 and red-lining sucked the life out of it. I wish that I had been successful in its re-birth.

randy rapaport

Oh, for clarity I should say that SHoP was awsome to work with. Their design leader at the time, Gregg Pasquarelli is a genius and a wild man. I was inspired be his talent and creavity. We were planning a utopian village for the arts and creativity.

Sadly, financing fell through...so after using the place for a giant play room, skate park, art studio and event space for the very alternative community, I sold to a regional developer that had the financial ability to devlop the site.


Sorry I couldn't make it to the chat with Randy. Brian, were there any highlights that you can share? It seems a really interesting time to hear about how people have found ways to become developers of unique properties. While Randy got started when the real estate market was much stronger, it would have been fun to hear how he got started and funded and how the move from a child pysch background. I hope it was a good conversation and I appreciate your putting these together.

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