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I sat in on the event this evening and really enjoyed the candid conversation between the three guests. To have, in my opinion, one of the best designers in Portland in Brad Cloepfil, a major figure in the architectural/design community through the journalist works of Randy Gragg, and the Mayor of Portland, Sam Adams in what was a fairly intimate setting was pretty unique and greatly appreciated.

Some of the discussion highlights for me were, while Portland has some remarkable design talent, why do their better works typically end up in other major cities? Also the interaction between Brad and Sam was pretty entertaining. I got the impression Sam was feeling bullied by both Randy and Brad, which may have been the case but I think it allowed me as a listener to get a much better understanding of all the positions and point of views on stage. Many times in discussions like these, hot topics get danced around, but I think all parties offered thoughts that were "off the cuff" and not written out before hand.

Thanks for featuring this Brian. I would not have been able to attend if I didn't see it on your blog earlier today. I understand this was the last discussion in this series but I will be looking forward to similar ones in the future.


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Thanks for their speaking..

Eric Berg

Wish I could have attended. I thoroughly enjoyed the Mercury's Matt Davis' Tweets during the event.


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