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Thanks for the thoughtful post! I wanted to mention props due to BOORA and Brix Contracting for working with this demanding client! CaroleZoom


What a great project and story, thanks Brian and Carole. I personally think that one of the ways we will move through these challenging times is small and local creative endeavors like this one. I wonder how Carole is able to afford doing this? A great followup story would be things Carole has learned and tips for others who may be interested in trying to do something like this, but find the whole idea financially and logistically intimidating. Thanks again, just the sort of story I was wanting to read today.


The economic times made this a difficult project to fund through conventional means. My purpose is to give tenants rates BELOW the market rate and banks will not lend to projects where the leases do not conform to or exceed market rates. Small projects from new developers are hard to get public funding for as well. I used the funds from my last building sale as well as personal funds (all my savings) to pull this off. The former owners of the building lent me a portion of the construction budget and 4 friends also made small loans to assist the project. There are many folks more financially able to take on something like this, and I would be delighted to help forward-thinking folks think about how to pool their money to accomplish something like this for the organizations they believe in. cz


Thanks Carole for your helpful reply. These sorts of details often get lost in talking about what wonderful things you have accomplished. It sounds like you were creative and you had support from people and the seller that believed in you and your vision, which I find inspiring and hopeful for the future.

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