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It has been a pretty interesting year in Portland srchitecture. Thanks for covering it. The highlight for me was the Z-haus which I got to see on the 11x design tour.

I am not sure how many in the building industries here in Stumptown (or anywhere else) would share your sentiment of cautious optimism. However, I do think that you make a good point that sustainable design is nationally seen as our great strength here. The more that designers and architects here in Portland get out there and toot their horns on the sustainability front, while also refining there craft, the better we will be able to compete for work across the globe.

Tiffany Craughan

I just wanted to add a side note. The Pagoda Restaurant is not demolished. Key Bank (its new tenant) is completely remodeling the building which included removing the characteristic "pagoda" element over the entry.

If you are in the Hollywood District, stop by for a peek at the newly exposed original facade and windows. They haven't been seen since the addition and remodel in the'60s or so.

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