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I am not kidding at all B. I believe there are 5 times more gardeners in pdx than hockey fans. If we are trying to be 'the green city' , we have to push the edge.
This is a Civic Building and should do all of the City Good.
This is a family place , where Mom and kids can share the experience of growing a prize family flower.
A place where Grandmas can visit with friends and talk about the best way to raise a Rosebush.
It has revenue streams , and showcases what is great about Portland and Oregon.
Vote for me Mr Mayor :]

Roland Hoyle

Brian, Architectoids in Pdx, Joslin, Lamb, Wollen Kalvelage Craycrof et al

As a longtime (and i mean really long as in decades) friend, colleague, collaborator and co-conspirator of Bill Badrick i must urge all of u to attend 2 nites event go up 2 Bill and offer him a much deserved display of respect for his enduring vision over the decades hell buy him a beer! He is, as was Bud Clark (one of Bill's friends i understand), an icon of Portland. His furry renderings contain much to be pondered admired and utltimately for gods sake portland hire him to get something significant built!

Sincerely with deepest respect from my studio in Kona where i kid U not a whale just breeched about a half mile out
Roland Hoyle aka Zed


I will second Brian's "Are you kidding?"


The scary thing is these people are probably not kidding...just way out of touch.


Regarding the robotic parking structure. I love the "slap in the face to Gordon Bunshaft" aspect of the proposal. Gordo's original design stinks, in my opinion. Beyond that, what an absolutely ludicrously Portland idea!

Regarding the Peace Garden. I think this makes absolute, unquestionable sense to all those viewing the proposal from the safety of a marijuana smoke-induced haze(which I would presume would be an integral part of the whole "peace garden" experience).


I personally like both of the crazier ideas: the robotic parking structure and the peace garden. Not for this site mind you - each proposal belongs in a competition for converting a building without historical merit. Nevertheless, it's cool that people are taking this chance to throw caution to the wind. First, who knows if there are aspects among these more outlandish proposals that might be really great and worth incorporating into more realistic proposals for this site? Second, there should be some process for winnowing out worthwhile proposals that are otherwise unrealistic just for general, I don't know, civic food for thought, if not more.

Tom Fallon

City of Roses? Rose Quarter? Why not have something dedicated to gardening! Maybe all of Bill's ideas would never be implemented, but by stretching it, he's making a statement that should be considered. Why not create something unique that has not been done before and can become a must-see destination in Portland. Thanks for thinking outside the box Bill! Put the kids on the Ferris wheel to get them out of your hair while you work on your garden plot!

Josh Plager

Thanks for your "Light It Up" review; http://www.bimwork.com has additional renderings. It was fun putting together and I learned a lot.

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