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The Sock

lol @ "community-wide protest" - enjoy the new Fuddruckers at Chumptown.

Brian Libby

We'll see, Sock, my prophetic friend. We'll see.

I'm not saying anyone out there has a perfect Memorial Coliseum plan by any means. But the Blazers are so far the only entity proposing the MC remain the multipurpose arena it was intended to be. I agree a Fuddruckers style corporate entertainment feel is indeed a continuing threat given the track record of the developer (Cordish).

Thanks for your eloquent contributions to the conversation.


'rise of sustainable and energy-efficient design.'

i would say the rise in the awareness of energy efficient design, but for all the LEED abortions popping up in the NW, the majority of them aren't hitting substantial energy reductions over baseline.


Another year, another decade ... and thanks for your hard work keeping this blog going with good topics and insights. Maybe I missed it, but is the Decade in Review (Part Two) going to feature some of the new projects that have come along in the past 10 years?

I think it is interesting to evaluate based on form, concept, awards, etc, but also ... measure success from the users point of view. Perhaps you can might provide a follow up (in the new year) that looks at these buildings from the user's perspective?

Happy New Year.

Brian Libby


Thanks for the feedback. It's great to get something other than a complaint for once! :)

You're right: I do plan to do a Decade in Review post focusing on new construction. I hadn't decided yet if I will write about all new construction projects in one post, or break it down into categories like housing/condos, offices, public buildings, etc. Any opinion on how best to do that?

I also think it's a good idea to try and write about success stories somehow from a user's perspective. One of the other decade-in-review stories I had planned to write about is sustainability, and I'm thinking maybe occupant comfort will be a part of that, given that sustainability is largely about things like air quality and natural light.

Thanks to Lyle and everyone for reading the blog during these past five years.


I would like to see the new construction in one post. What do you consider the handful (or two) standout new construction projects of the decade? Are there any that will become timeless? Perhaps later when focusing on the users perspective you can break out the success stories by type of use.

Sustainability is a broad topic and certainly the ideas about how to measure sustainability have evolved as we continue to set the bar higher.



Hi Brian,

Thanks for the excellent piece and continued work.

I put up a quick mention over at Portland Built.


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