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Steve L.

You say Halprin designed “the kind of inviting, exuberant public space that hadn’t been seen since Renaissance Rome’s Trevi Fountain and Piazza Navonna.” How did the work of Frederick Law Olmsted fall short on this measure?

Though I enjoy the parks, I don’t see the “streamlines forms” to which Beardsley refers and I would like to know how these faux natural landscapes “laid the earliest foundations for the ecologically and socially responsive urbanism.”


We can truly appreciate LH and his PDX public spaces , by seeing the sad design that is the new void of Director's Square. Hmm , giant glass roof that is so high that rain will just blow in the sides , Brilliant.... Fancy stainless steel boxes , yea you nailed it , that is soo Portland.
I love it when they bring in Carpetbagers to design prominent projects , it's not like we have any talented designers here.


You're insane. Portlanders should be thrilled to have a new public space as thoughtfully designed as Director's Square.

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